Wildlife Park

Izmir, Turkey

In outside skirts of Izmir, there is a beautiful district called Sasalı. It is famous for its fishermen and local food markets. Izmir Wildlife Park is located in this district. It was opened as a Wildlife Park in 2008 and became the first wildlife park in Turkey. You can visit their website from here
I got a chance to visit this wonderfull park in 2020. They have various animal types including llamas, meerkats, tigers, elephants, pumas and many more.

Most fascinating animals in Izmir Wildlife Park are the birds! Many differen bird species are gathered in here. There is a big bird house in the middle of the park that encloses lots of animals. Moreover, there is a high chance for you too see peafowls roaming wild in the park while you are looking at other animals.

My personal favourite animals are lemurs and elephants. Lemurs are so lively and they just jump from one tree to another. Watching how they jump and how they interact with each other are so fun! Elephants are also so majestic. They did not come close to us but wathing them from afar is very magical.
I really enjoyed my day in Izmir Wildlife Park and recommend everyone to visit there.